5 Places to Eat Out on Christmas Day

If you’re looking to dine out on Xmas Day so that you don’t need to contend with the stress and planning that comes with having everyone at your house, then here are a selection of perfect destinations to point you in the right direction.

Africola – Adelaide 

Vibrant energy sustains Africola – in its ostentatious décor, informed floor staff and in the busy open kitchen, where vegetables are heroes of an exciting array of dishes best shared. Start with the irresistible tea sandwich – crisp chicken skin and hot chicken fat squashed between white bread – then bite into outstanding falafel, bright green and herby, on feisty romesco sauce. A wonderfully created menu puts Africola as a must have on your Xmas Day dining list. 

Botanic Gardens Restaurant – Sydney 

The dining experience is expertly framed by an idyllic setting at Botanic Gardens Restaurant. The quaint former tearoom in the heart of the garden, ringed by glass walls and whitewashed timber, has been modernised with blond wood tables and plush mustard-coloured low-back chairs, and the menu exercises similar poise. Paul Baker packs a lot into each dish – drawing more than 50 ingredients from the garden – yet his complex combinations show restraint, with flavours introduced with nuance rather than ostentation. The Royal Botanic Gardens Restaurant is a wonderfully idyllic destination for a Xmas Day lunch or dinner. 

Sun Kitchen – Melbourne 

Indulge in the most exquisite Chinese, Cantonese and Sichuan style cuisine with premium hot pot ingredients of the highest quality and freshness. This wonderfully superb dining experience from Sun Kitchen comes wrapped in a stylish and luxurious yet tranquil environment. For a different flavour on Xmas Day, Sun Kitchen is a must-visit. 

Dan Arnold – Brisbane 

Brisbane boasts a clutch of great French eateries, but none are quite like Restaurant Dan Arnold. There’s no steak frites or Édith Piaf. Rather, Arnold applies French techniques to local ingredients, capturing a precise style of fine dining that was meant to be long gone by now. As for what you order, how does caramel-like eggplant confit with lamb breast and tomato dressing sound? With a wonderfully constructed menu matched to an award-winning wine list, Dan Arnold in Brisbane is not to be missed this festive season. 

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