6HEAD NSW’s Oyster Appellation program

Ever wanted to know how restaurants source their Oysters?

Oysters can be the perfect starter to any meal! However, when the oyster is lacking in quality and freshness… they can be extremely bad. We spoke with Dani from the team at 6HEAD to find out a little more about how their oyster appellation program works, and how they ensure the oysters served in their restaurant are always of the best quality.

At 6HEAD we are firm believers in sourcing our produce from 100% Australian suppliers. This way we support our local community and can supply our customers with proudly Australian ingredients. 

When we decided to start the oyster appellation programme, we wanted to spoil our guests with fresh, premium oysters.

Our farmers’ exceptional oysters are produced across 13 of the most environmentally aware estuaries in the world. Boasting three species of premium oyster from estuaries stretching across over 1000 kilometres along the New South Wales East Coast, our supplier offers a year-round bounty of freshly harvested produce.

Not only are our farmers able to supply locally and export high-quality oysters all year round, but they are able to ensure the oysters they deliver are of a consistent quality each week. 

Our farmers have developed a streamlined supply chain enabling the delivery of live oysters to Australia and Asia within 30 hours. 

It really doesn’t get any fresher!

Love oysters? Take your Gourmet Traveller Gift Card to 6HEAD NSW to let the experts source and prepare them for you!

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