The Best Burger Joints in Sydney

Burgers are better when they are 
dripping with sauce, oozing with cheese and delightfully messy. A few years ago the Sydney did not have significant burger scene. However, after the launch of Mary’s and Chur Burger, the industry found an opportunity to complement unique sides with innovative burgers. Whether you want a side of fries or milkshakes, you can find the right burger in Sydney made for you. Here are our top three favourite burger joints in town.  

  1. Meat District Co. 
    Meat District Co. aims to re-awaken the senses & bring a new kind of dining to the streets of Sydney. Located on King St Wharf, Meat District Co. have created an enticing blend of old-school and contemporary style in an open yet rustic space, evoking a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where guests are encouraged to eat and relax. There are a dozen of burger options with sides of fries or a green salad. Whether you want a grilled swordfish burger or a sweet potato burger, there will be something for everyone – even the pickiest eater! 
  2. Rockpool Bar & Grill 
    Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney is Australia’s most beautiful dining room. Situated in the sensational City Mutual Building, a 1936 Emil Sodersteen-designed American style art deco skyscraper, the dining style is simple and uncomplicated. The food itself is a combination of simple dishes with intricate flavours. The numerous sides such as mac and cheese, soft boiled egg and mixed mushrooms are an exciting and diverse and great reinvention of simple flavours. 
  3. Chur Burger
    Chur Burger changed the scene in Sydney a few years back. You can choose from beef, chicken, pork, lamb or fish. The $10 burgers burst with flavours, accompanied by caramel, strawberry and vanilla milkshakes. The leading burger joint thrives off cheap and simple ingredients which leave us going back for more.  

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Sharmi Ahmed

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