Brunch places that are worth the line

Brunch Places Are Worth the Wait

Brunching is extremely on trend at the moment. This is why you are often faced with a wait for a table at some of the best brunch spots across Australia. Usually, the best haunts are fully booked in advance, which is why you should check out the Good Food Gift Card restaurant booking system on line. But the reason they’re all booked out is that they are all places that are worth the wait.

Ruby’s Diner, Sydney

If you assume that enjoying a healthy brunch is an oxymoron, you should think twice – at least if you were to choose Ruby’s Diner. The menu is diverse and delicious, comprising of dishes that contain citrus cured trout, fresh coconut quinoa bircher, poached eggs, matcha lattes, and the list may go on. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you try the cronut (half doughnut, half croissant). Believe me – it is popular for a reason.

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney

It is quite a challenge to get a table at this place, but this doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Go ahead, put your name down and, while you wait, you can enjoy a delicious takeaway coffee. The wait is definitely worth it, as the menu is diverse, and the atmosphere is charming.

Four Ate Five, Sydney

Situated in the heart of Surry Hills, Four Ate Five is a homey café and one of the most beloved brunch spots in the area. The all-day breakfast menu is, without a doubt, appealing and enticing, including goodies such as Russian pancakes, Middle Eastern baked eggs, as well as a lengthy list of smoothies and fresh juices.

These are only some of our most popular brunch spots in Sydney. The bottom line is that these venues perfectly combine a delicious, flavourful menu with a fun, youthful vibe – these are the must-have ingredients of an ideal brunching experience for every foodie out there.

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