Eat, Drink and Be Merry this Christmas

We all need a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year – and this is generally the outcome you get when you have a lot of good food around you. In the spirit of the holiday season, you want to be able to entertain, relaxing and enjoy the company of those close to you without worrying about catering an event.

Gift Cards – Taking the Cooking Out of Christmas

The easiest way to take the heavy lifting out of your festive dining experiences is with a Gourmet Traveller Gift Card. Now I’ve used these cards on many occasions, especially at the festive time of year and they work a treat. What I enjoy most is that the worry around location and catering for my closest friends and family is taken away, so you get to focus on the quality time together.

Why Go for Gift Cards?

Well for me it was about convenience, accessibility to Australia’s most awarded restaurants and the fact that I have three years to use its full value.

I decided on a digital purchase because I was travelling, but I wanted a tangible gift card, so I had it delivered to my home so it was waiting for me when I got back.

When I got the gift card, I had access to the online restaurant reviews and information at and more importantly, their online restaurant booking platform which is just fantastic.

So, it comes down to personal preference how and when you use the card, but for the ultimate in bespoke dining, then for me, the Gourmet Traveller Gift Card is the pinnacle.

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