Hearty Soups to Keep You Warm This Winter

Nothing warms you up on a cold, raining, winter’s day like a hearty soup. Chances are you’ll be feeling the effects of winter and in need of a soup that’s good for the soul. 

So, let’s kick off with our top three soups that you’ll be able to find in your favourite haunt this winter. 

Rich Pumpkin Soup 

If you are a traditionalist then a pumpkin soup in the middle of winter is hard to go past. Not only is this a soup that’s easy and quick for a mid-week lunch break at your favourite restaurant, but is also tastes amazing with a dollop of yoghurt and some fresh Turkish bread.  

Feeling adventurous?  Making your own smashing pumpkin soup is easy and a great weeknight recipe that is also kid friendly. 

Lamb Shank Soup 

We’re stepping it up a notch with a lamb shank soup. Perfect for those who are in need or some low-calorie, gluten-free soul food this winter and sure to get you through the coldest of winter days. 

If you’re up for some slow-cooker action in the kitchen this winter, then the lamb shank soup is a great weekend treat to help you through the slow burn of winter. 

Winter Vegetable Soup 

When you’re not feeling the best and the winter blues have got you in a bear hug, nothing brings balance back like a warm vegetable soup.  

Packed full of goodness and perfect for those who are looking for a quick, healthy option, vegetable soup is one you can’t go past. 

With so many home-made recipes available online, finding one to suit your tastes has never been easier! 

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