Lyndoch Hill’s Potato and Leek Soup

What’s better on a cold night than a hot bowl of soup? This winter warmer classic is an absolute favourite for the locals of Lyndoch Hills.


2 large leeks halved, darker leaves cut of, keep for your stocks
4 scrubbed and peeled sabago potatoes
3 cloves of garlic
3 cups veg stock
2 cups local cream


Step 1: Halve the leeks and wash out the grit.
Step 2: Char the leeks on the skillet. Here you’re aiming for a smokey flavour, and the leek sweetens as it breaks down.
Step 3: Peel your spuds and garlic and chop up into medium-sized chunks.
Step 4: Sauté potato and garlic in a medium sized pot in a splash of vegetable oil and a bit of butter.
Step 5: Add charred leeks, and submerge all in vegetable stock.
Step 6: Cook down until the potatoes are soft. Add the cream and cook until it’s just about to boil… then take off the heat.
Step 7: Blend up the chunks with your stick blender, season to taste with salt and pepper and serve up with some crusty bread.

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