Outdoor Dining Venues to Soak in the Sun

We’re in the middle of the Australian summer, and nothing takes in the magnificent weather this time of year than the best outdoor dining venues.

With so many gorgeous venues available across our wonderful country, we’ve given you a few of our favourites to help you on your way.

Lake House

This beautiful venue was established back in 1984 and, ever since, it has preserved its excellent reputation. Everything is at the highest standard: the way in which the space is decorated, the exquisite dishes and the wonderful services from the staff.  Couple this with a wide selection of wines to accompany the gorgeous menu and a water view to die for, Lake House should be top of your list.

Botanic Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Sydney, this is another gorgeous restaurant whose terrace is a feast for the eyes. You’re sure to enjoy an impressive dining experience thanks to the wonderfully prepared menu, world-class wine list and the beautiful botanic gardens backdrop. We find it hard to go past this ultimate outdoor dining experience.

Captain Moonlite

If you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast outdoors, then this venue will definitely be down your alley. The assortment of meals is quite diverse, including plenty of options for breakfast and lunch alike. The fish and chips is a must as you sit back and take in the wonderful seaside vista from your table.

There are a few of our favourite outdoor dining jaunts for your bucket list this summer. Remember, the best way to enjoy the outdoor dining experience is with a Gourmet Traveller Gift Card, secure yours now at www.gourmettravellergiftcard.com.au.


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