Sugar, Spice and Something Nice

As we plough our way through
 winter, many of our routines from the warmer months have been replaced with more hearty selections in both venue and menu. 

However, the one constant regardless of the time of year is our sweet tooth.  

So to pay homage to our never lust for everything sweet, here are a few of our best dessert destinations to try this winter. 

Milkbar by Cafe Ish 

For those local to the inner suburbs of Sydney, Café Ish is home to some of the greatest burgers your money can buy. However, they are also home to some amazing crafted sugary treats.  

How about doughnuts sprinkled with nuts, M&Ms, fruit loops and crushed Oreos partnered with milkshakes topped in mountains of cream and generously drizzled with syrup then finished with sprinkles. 

My teeth hurt just thinking about it. 

Located in Regent St, Redfern and close to both the city and public transport, Café Ish is a destination that can’t be passed up as, check their website for opening hours. 


If you think that deserts are a side meal to the main, then 12-Mircon stands ready to challenge that perception 

Here the deserts are the main attraction, the cutting edge pastry team will attest to that.  

Don’t believe me? How about, Banana mousse yoghurt, burnt cream, granola and macadamia.  

Not enough? Ok, let’s try Pavlova, passionfruit, riberry and white chocolate 

This is a destination for those fans of sugar, spice and something nice. Located in Barangaroo, take a stunning harbourside walk after your food discovery trek to work off those few extra calories..

Speedos – North Bondi 

A visit is warranted given the name alone. But Speedos located in the world famous North Bondi is more than just a pink pitaya bowl or vegan pancakes. 

The cronut craze is guaranteed to never die in the hands of Speedos, especially when they are constantly reinventing these hybrid pastries to make them even more outrageous than before. 

But there is so much more, like the chocolate ganache cronuts, M&Ms cropops (cronuts on popsicle sticks), Reese’s peanut butter cronuts, gaytime waffles and extravagant shakes. You’re guaranteed to find a fix for your sugar cravings here. 

Don’t forget, for the best way to experience Australia’s sweetest restaurants, visit and pick-up your Gourmet Traveller Gift Card now. 

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