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Sustainable dining isn’t an entirely new concept, however it can be difficult to find. Deciding to go green takes innovative thinking and seriously hard work, however it’s a movement that’s slowly beginning to gain traction throughout Australia. Chefs and restaurant owners across the country are considering ways to be more sustainable in their cooking and dining services, with many sourcing local produce, growing their own gardens and using recyclable materials for their furniture and dining sets. If you’re looking to take your meal with a side of sustainability, check out some of our most environmentally friendly restaurants below:  
Taxi Kitchen, VIC  
Focusing on sustainable, locally sourced and naturally delicious produce, Taxi Kitchen delivers Australian Cuisine with a subtle Asian twist. Taxi Kitchen also practises environmentally friendly strategies like using the BottleCycler glass crusher to make crushed glass into new containers. Educating their staff is also a large priority to Taxi Kitchen, and they undertake regular visits to suppliers to learn more about the produce they’re using.  
Ormeggio at the Spit, NSW 
Considered to be one of the top Italian restaurants in Australia, Ormeggio at the Spit ensures that all its seafood is sustainably sourced. Furthermore, due to its beautiful waterside setting, the restaurant prohibits the use of balloons, bunting, confetti and scattered table decorations brought in by guests to limit landfill.  
The Raw Kitchen, WA 
Sustainability and environmental awareness is at the forefront of The Raw Kitchen’s business. Waste minimisation, plastic policies and composting are regularly practised in the kitchen, with any waste being cautiously separated and recycled. Loyalty cards are created from old menus, wooden pencils are used over plastic pens throughout the business, and leftover table water is used to water the plants that decorate the restaurant.   

Bennelong, SA 
The frequently changing menu at Sydney’s Bennelong is centred around the availability of local produce from around Australia. Chefs, Peter Gilmore and Rob Cockerill push themselves to specifically support the small-scale Australian farmers, many of whom wouldn’t be in operation without their business.  

Vue de monde, VIC 
Known foremostly for his fine dining expertise, Vue de monde’s chef and founder Shannon Bennett places a strong emphasis on sustainability in his kitchen, claiming that “Chefs have a responsibility.”  His approach to limit his carbon footprint include sourcing naturally grown and chemical free produce, using Australian native oysters and featuring recycled and environmentally friendly materials in his restaurant’s design. LED lights, low-energy-consumption appliances, a ventilated ceiling, up-cycled cutlery, recycled tiles and effective waste recycling are also used to help contribute to environmental sustainability.  

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