The Perfect Ensemble of a Grazing Board

Nothing compares to friends and family getting together. So when the occasion is not overly formal, then a wonderfully presented grazing board is the perfect way to invite conversation at your next gathering.

What Are the Elements of a Good Grazing Board?

It’s not a perfect science, there is a lot that can go wrong with the preparation of a grazing board, so let’s start with the must-haves.

The first thing you’ll need is a large board or platter. Wooden cheese boards are available everywhere these days but you can also be nifty and create your own from a large form tile or a wood offcut.

 A grazing platter is usually a mixture of multiple foods that can be turned into art.

That is especially the case for restaurants that offer grazing platters on their menus – check out some of the amazing grazing boards from Fratelli Fresh for inspiration.

When creating a grazing board start arranging the board with larger foods – such as the cheeses, meats or bowls for dips.

You should play with different shapes and sizes of items, for example, space cheeses along the platter and mix it up with the meats and bowls.     

Dips are usually served in colourful bowls of different shapes and sizes to give texture and scale to the board.

 The preparation should be done so that everyone has access to the food on the board(s). Also, try to avoid large gaps between the different items, fill them with nuts, dry fruit and an assortment of crackers.     

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