Top 3 Restaurants to Warm You Up on a Cold Winter’s Night

When the nights get cooler, and you have to start bundling up in extra layers, there’s nothing better having a warm, comforting meal to help you thaw out.  

Below are our top 3 picks to Warm meals with the right amount of heat. 

Beyond India Modbury: Modbury North – SA 

Beyond India established in July 99, an outstanding, authentic, creative Indian Cuisine. Each dish asserts its unique flavour without excessive use of oils while retaining the nutritional value of the ingredients. The Indian chefs, from all areas of the vast sub-continent, practice a myriad of specialist regional cuisine. Whether it’s the robust tandoori flavours from the north or the spicy exotic of the south, Beyond India is an absolute must try this winter to warm you up. 

Spice Temple : Sydney NSW 

Spice Temple is a modern Chinese restaurant with a culinary focus on China’s lesser known regions. The menus are designed to be shared and enjoyed banquet style in an intimate and seductive surrounding. Driven by the philosophy of incorporating world-class service with a deep respect for the highest quality produce, Spice Temple offers exquisite modern Chinese food as it’s rarely been seen before in Australia. The lightly roasted schezwan peppers gives a slight tingle to your mouth and instantly warms you. The perfect cuisine for a cold winter’s night. 

Deer Duck Bistro: Auchenflower, QLD 

Deer Duck Bistro opened its doors to unveil a stunning new restaurant In November 2011, – unique, authentic, with a fresh quirky look that is quickly becoming a delight for Auchenflower locals and beyond. Experience the old-world charm of tradition while feasting your eyes over the wild overlay of a street art. Stylish interiors present the perfect backdrop to compliment the culinary experience of classic, Modern Australian, European cuisine. This quaint Bistro offers delicately crafted shared chef’s plate for you and your friends. It is a perfect getaway for a night out this winter.  


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