Top tips for the perfect cheese board

There’s nothing quite like a grazing table, however knowing just what produce to lay out can be quite daunting! Once you know the tricks however, a cheese board can be the perfect catering solution to any event- perhaps even for Christmas Day! We spoke with a few of our restaurant partners and discovered the most important things to consider when putting together the perfect platter.


Ensure you include a range of cheese that will complement the accompaniments on your platter. Start with a fresh and mild cheese, usually a soft variety such as a Burrata is a good starting point. This oozy, milky taste is a great way to prepare the palate for the more mature varieties to come. Softer cheese like a Brie or Camembert are usually a good step up from the Burrata or Buffalo Mozzarella as they provide a slight taste elevation without a shock to your tastebuds, a French D’affinois is a crowd pleaser a brings an air of decadence to the cheeseboard.

Cheeseboards epitomise the ideals of La Dolce Vita,  the mantra of Otto Brisbane. To elevate the next cheese on your platter take inspiration from Otto and their delectable Goats Curd entrée. With a bitter cheese like goats curd, a drizzle of honey does wonders to cut through the tartness and provide an amazing sensation for your tastebuds. Finally, don’t forget to include a variety of blue, whilst somewhat polarizing Blue Cheese is a must on any cheese board – to ensure all bases are covered perhaps choose a more subdued variety such as a Gorgonzola. Remember, a cheeseboard is a journey for the tastebuds and variety is key for success!


To maintain the sophistication that carries through the cheese section of your grazing board, ensure to do the same with your meats. Focus on the journey of flavours and provide a varied range. A good starting point is a cured sausage, think mild salami or soppressata followed by a more fiery chorizo for the spice lovers. Counter this with a buttery mortadella and rich prosciutto. Follow the example of Marta Osteria and ask your butcher for a good quality aged prosciutto for a real treat, 24 months of aging provides an amazing taste.

Pate & Accompaniments: 

A paté adds a point of difference to your cheese platter, whilst many shy away from this ingredient a good quality paté makes a world of difference and is appreciated by those who know charcuterie best. For good quality pate we take our hints from, Kitchen By Mike. Their house made pate has been a staple on their menu since inception and KBM focuses on a flavor packed taste, incorporating garlic, shallots, white pepper and clove to really maximize flavor. Ensure to purchase a good quality Pate to compliment the complex flavors of your cheeses and meats.

Bread & Biscuits  

Accompany your meats and cheese with a range of plain & fruit and nut biscuits. Thinly sliced ciabatta and focaccia is a great addition also.

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